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Looking for inspiration? - Ask yourself these two questions

This is my perspective on inspiration based on my experience as a creator and as a psychologist! From this article take what you like and let go of what you can't connect with!

I find inspiration from, photography, vlogs, articles, paintings, books, videos, metaphors, everyday events, and sometimes just by taking a stroll or observing people.

I once read somewhere that inspiration is usually found outside of you. I often find myself subscribed to this thought.

Have you ever had this experience, where you were stuck, spiraling, and not motivated to do anything, felt this block in your heart and mind only to feel completely energetic and optimistic after meeting someone, talking to someone, or coming across something that fills you up with a jolt of ideas and uplifting thoughts? Yea, that’s the way inspiration feels.

The best part about it is that inspiration is found almost surprisingly and almost unexpectedly. Unfortunately, we tend to miss out on this because we aren’t as mindful and are always on the go. We barely have the time and energy to observe anymore.

We have this notion about always being on the go and always running and chasing something. I’m someone who appreciates ambition and most of us have this goal-oriented mind. We like results and we want them now. The thing about inspiration is that inspiration may not necessarily be goal-oriented. You may look at the rains and it may inspire you to bring more stillness into your life, it may inspire you to stay more grounded and connected with nature but you may not do anything actionable about it. It could be a fleeting moment. A beautiful idea that may or may not have a goal or an end result.

As someone who is creating on a daily basis. I tend to search for inspiration. And I’ve realized that I tend to find inspiration in people. Someone doing something really meaningful tends to inspire me and thus motivate me to do something for myself that will help me in my goals. I often find myself feeling almost happy and energetic anytime I have a conversation with people. I love connecting with new people and listening to their stories. So yes, stories inspire me too.

Recently with so much knowledge at our disposal, I think we’ve forgotten to simply open our senses, all of them. And because we’re that closed it can sometimes feel as if we’re wearing blinders. Walking the same road up and down and seeing the same things over and over again. Kind of like living in a bubble.

I see people spending so much time and money going on retreats and ashrams just to find some inspiration that can help give them a sense of purpose. I’m all in for retreats and ashrams to unwind but why do that when all you need is to pause and open up a bit?

It’s almost impossible to get inspiration of any kind if you ignore your senses. One of the most instant and effective ways to do that is to check in with your body and mind from time to time.

Ask yourself these two simple Questions –

1. What is my body trying to communicate with me today? – Allow spending time to understand what your body requires. Does it require more sleep and food or does it want a different scenery?

2. How can I allow my mind to breathe and stay calm? – You can go to all the retreats you want but if your mind is noisy and chaotic, it’s going to cause distress even in the calmest and most beautiful places. So, pause and give your mind a better direction. Observe, see and hear things that will help you stay calmer and balanced instead of running away or trying to suppress the noise.

When you check in with your mind and body from time to time, you tend to create more space as opposed to occupying space. Inspiration is better felt when you’re open to receiving and no help at all when you’re already occupied with a tired mind and body. So next time you feel lost in life or demotivated or just don’t tend to see a sense of purpose. Start by asking these 2 questions to yourself.

Be honest and open with your responses. It’s not about being perfect or right but about growth and peace and stability. If you check in with yourself from time to time, I can guarantee that you’ll feel more inspired and inspiration will pour into your life from almost every direction.

If you do take the time to try this, I’d love to know how you felt and what were you inspired by. Send me an email or dm me on IG.

If you’re stuck and need external support and guidance, please look at the coaching and counselling program and apply to work with me today.

Lastly, if you did enjoy journaling these questions, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy this journal. As the title also suggests it is created to help you feel more inspired.

Thank you for stopping by. If you liked this article, please like the heart. It’ll only encourage me to bring out such articles more and more.

All my Love,


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