• Nikita Vyas

The pressure we put on ourselves

I think in many ways we are conditioned to spend an enormous amount of time, trying to please people. We have been auto-tuned to feel responsible for the likes of others and this leads to a lot of unnecessary burden. Trying to impress people, never making a mistake, always being guarded, always being in control, assuming that you need to have it together all the time.

And the sad thing is that we have easily normalized this conditioning by using terms like ‘professionalism’ or ‘being professional’.

I’m not very convinced that this ‘professionalism’ is in any way helpful.

I work with extremely creative women. Women who are business owners and creative at what they do but also women who are artists. Sometimes I see so many creatives being swept away in the rut of trying to impress their audience/customers/clients that they forget to enjoy the freedom and satisfaction their work gives them. Even as I write this article, my inner critical voice is constantly asking me, ‘you think they’ll like this? Are you even making sense? Do they even want to know about this?’ After a while it gets really irksome, intolerable and eventually there’s a strong urge to quit.

This pattern, I gather is not anyway from the outside world, but from the pressure we constantly out on ourselves. I’ve never been comfortable with perfection. But I’ve experienced the pressure first hand. I have forced myself to scrutinize my work so much that I’ve lived in constant self-doubt for the longest time. Sometimes, I still do.

As an introvert the notion of making mistake is not very easily taken. It becomes personal. It becomes really challenging to ‘get over it’. Most introverts have this fear of making a fool of themselves, saying the wrong thing, as normal as it is for an introvert to feel this way, it also steals a lot from them.

If you’re an introvert or a creative, can you think of all the ways you put pressure on yourself – socially, professionally, relationships? Pause, fetch a paper, pen and actually make your list.

The intention of this article is not to tell you that you need to work on your perfectionism or that you shouldn't care about what others think.

This is article is to remind you that -

  • It’s okay to slip up every once in a while.

  • It’s okay to trust the wrong person

  • It’s okay if you couldn’t make that sale

  • It’s okay if you’re not a crowd pleaser

  • It’s okay if you’re a serious person

  • It’s okay if you couldn’t do it on time

  • It’s okay if you’re not always put together

  • It’s okay if you don’t use an iPhone/Mac (Seriously, grow up!)

  • It’s okay of your messy bun is a little too messy

  • It’s okay of you put your feet up at a café/theatre/car (No, seriously, it’s apparently a big deal)

  • It’s okay if you say the wrong thing

  • It’s okay if you reply instantly, It’s okay if you take your time

  • It’s okay of SM is your thing, also it’s okay if it’s not

  • It’s okay if you were the one to initiate a fight (Sometimes you can’t take it)

  • It’s okay to drunk dial your ex or drunk text your ex (I mean, yea... it really is