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Try this trick to stop, Non-stop worry

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Whenever we face a situation or whenever we start something new, we go through a series of feelings and thoughts. One feeling stands out in particular, called – Worry!

And worry is backed up with fear and this eventually leads to failure and disappointments.

We are so programmed by something going wrong that we forget to remember that something can go right. 

We never stop to ask ourselves,

  • Do I deserve it ?

  • Do I need it ? 

  • Is this worry important to me right now?

  • Is this worry going to solve my problem?

This Non-stop worry runs on a frequency fueled by our own thoughts and beliefs. These beliefs later become a pattern and create obstacles in almost all areas of our lives, whether its communication, relationships, success, work – anything at all. 

Is there a way to stop it? Yes! 

This is a very simple trick to quiet the noise that we may have in our minds running on “Non stop frequency”.

All you have to do is shout “STOP” loudly, or loud enough. This simple trick works wonders for the mind chatter, it instantly distracts you. Its like a jolt of shock to pull you back in your present time. 

If you are surrounded by a lot of people and it becomes difficult to shout, you can just as easily shout in your mind, its not as effective as shouting out loud but works momentarily.  

This easy and simple trick requires a bit of practice and you will need to remind yourself from time to time, but once you are acquainted with this habit, it will work automatically. 

Do let me know via email if this simple trick worked for you.

Thank you for reading. I hope today’s article helps you to slow down your frequency of Non Stop worry and it encourages you to keep going on despite the troubles. 

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