• Nikita Vyas

Unable to reach your goals? Get rid of these excuses today

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When was the last time you made an excuse?

We all make excuses sometimes its conscious and sometimes its involuntary, force of habit or a pattern. There’s this battle between “I must and I mustn’t” – this battle prevents us from taking an action. This battle is called “The Battle of Excuses” and it’s a never-ending battle where what we “must” or want to do always loses!

Your Musts/wants go something like this…

I Must….

  • Work

  • Dance

  • Work out

  • Dream

  • Start a new business

  • Look for a new job

  • Write a book

  • Join a class

  • Go for a holiday

  • Start saving

  • Talk to a friend

  • Resolve conflict with someone

  • Bake goodies

  • Travel

  • Meditate

  • Contribute to a cause

  • Stand up for myself

  • Stand up for someone I love

  • Re-discover myself

  • Write an article

  • Ask someone out

  • Go on a date

  • Day dream

Just about anything that you’ve always wanted to do... the list just keeps getting longer and longer.

In my journal prompt... “Unlearning old habits” I’ve tried to cover such habits and beliefs that prevent us from taking the plunge and take action. I’ve received feedback for this journal where women felt that their habits not only prevented them to take an action but it has paused in achieving their dreams and achieving their goals. Excuses have a tendency to turn to habits which becomes a part of our lifestyle.

So, let’s dive into these excuses –