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What little changes can you make Today, for a better Tomorrow?

I remember it was warm noon like most Chennai noons usually are. I had just finished a session and took a few minutes to get some fresh air before I hopped on to the next call. Since I love to work in a collaborative manner, there are times when I tend to get loads of insight about myself too while working with a client.

This was one such noon.

And I couldn’t stop thinking about the phases in our lives that become our huge significant moment. People say all will be explained later, you’ll be able to connect the dots, but what about what’s happening right now? How do you deal with all that chaos and/or quiet?

In our lives there comes a moment or a phase when we experience a stagnation phase, emotionally and mentally. Even if everything else seems to be going really well in most areas of our lives, there’s still a huge void that we can’t really put our finger on.

When something like this happens, it’s a sign in my opinion that some change is required. There’s a pattern in our life that has reached its course. This is the time to adapt to new habits and let go of the ones that no longer serve well.

As creative we take in a lot of information, we tend to analyse a lot, create on a daily basis and sometimes we tend to run in circles and are unable to achieve the reward/goal that we’ve been working toward. It’s a period of exhaustion leading to procrastination and eventually a bit of frustration. When something like this happens, it means there’s a habit pattern that we need to let go of and adopt new patterns for better results.

Since we are all different from one another, we tend to have different habits and problems concerning those habits. Hence, we have different approaches to creating positive habits.

For me,

I’d started to complain a lot and naturally, it would build up a lot of anger and resentment which was unhealthy in every way. I had to create the habit of gratitude - either via journaling or breathwork.

I also went back to staying up late at night and waking up late which resulted in an irritable mood plus a lethargic mind and body. I had to start a habit of sleeping early so I could get a good and productive start to the day.

You need to remember these points to create a positive habit

- Set your Why – Setting an intention increases the chances of the change happening that much effect.

- Start Small – Usually start with 7 days and slowly increase.

- Be aware of your Obstacles – It's not going to be easy to just start a new habit, you need to also know how to deal with the effects of the old habit.

- Have a strategy on stand-by – Just in case you slip into your old habit again.

- Motivate yourself – Have an accountability partner.

- Keep track of your progress – Check your progress after 7 days and see the changes this brings in your life.

One of the modules that are covered in my life coaching program is ‘How to bring a positive change, make a habit and prevent burnout’. This is an extremely powerful module and usually helps to bring an overall emotional, mental, physical and spiritual change as well as balance. Since the program is bespoke and in collaboration with my clients, we tackle working with one habit that they need to work on currently for the goals they desire. I’ve usually seen a different kind of enthusiasm post working on this module.

A few habits that my clients adapted in their lives for a better transformation are –

-Starting a gratitude journal

-Having a morning and night ritual

-Eating healthy

-Taking time out for breakfast

-Start making a to-do list

-Spend weekends on a hobby

-Putting the phone away or on airplane mode to wake up peacefully

-Include a workout session

-Going out more (co-working space, cafes)


-Using positive statements

-Saying No more Often

and much more...

Transformation, change and habits float in the same boat and it's important to keep learning and adapting in order to keep going. If not, you’re only going to stay stagnant and realize you’re moving to the same place.

For that to happen you need to be aware of the habit pattern you need to let go of. Once you identify that pattern it becomes extremely easy to take the next step. As an accountability partner, this is a really challenging part for me to work with my clients but it's extremely insightful.

Having said that, you need to be also prepared for a lot of trial and error methods.

For eg., Some clients start with a new habit like Journaling but don’t find the reward as they hoped but breathwork does that trick. You need to be extremely patient with yourself. Give yourself this challenge and adopt a new habit pattern.


Hope this article helps you in letting go of a habit and help create a positive one.

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