• Nikita Vyas

Why do people hurt us?

It is around 4 30 AM and I’ve barely had any sleep. My eyes are bloodshot and swollen. I keep recanting the gory details of what went down. Trying to make sense and find meaning amidst all this pain and devastation. I will eventually heal and go about my day just as I perhaps was before all this chaos ever happened. But I doubt that’s even the point, right now.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not here to tell you my sad story or try to find pity or even sympathy. I’m not here to blame anyone either. I’m here because I’m hurt. I feel betrayed. Perhaps I should be used to it by now seeing as I’ve always been hurt way too easily. I can very easily look at my overtly sensitive personality and hide under its feathers. But that’s not going to help me either. Not that being sensitive is wrong. On the contrary, I find that my insights are because I’m blessed with a personality that allows me to think in-depth. That’s why I’m here. I have a very simple question to ask you right now. A question we’ve often asked rhetorically and whose answers are made to be quite redundant. Isn’t it how it always works? Perhaps, yes. It does. Perhaps, it’s the way of life. People come, stay, people hurt us.