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Why is it important to own failure?

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We spent most of our lives, either blaming someone or giving others all the credit. Very rarely do we assume responsibility for what we do. 

Success doesn’t come easily to anybody. You have to work really hard – mentally & physically. Along with hard work we also need to have the courage to deal with choices and the consequences – good, bad and ugly. 

Starting a new business, a new relationship, a new job, or anything new is quite a big deal. But the bigger deal is to bear the consequences that come along with it. If you new venture succeeds – kudos to you! A time to celebrate. 

But what if it fails? What do you do then? Well, most people do this – 

→ I suck!

→ It’s just rotten luck 

→ This is a conspiracy by god to put me down all the time.

→ I just don’t have it in me

→ Who the hell do they think they are to reject ME!!?

→ People are like that, they love to discriminate and criticize.  

If this is you during a set back or a crisis listen up- Luck favours those who take responsibility and take charge of their life. A failed launch does not mean you are a failure, it only means that you need to step up your game, be consistent, work really hard, built a new strategy, learn something new..

A failed relationship does not reflect on your “bad choice” or him being “a jerk” – it only means that due to some reasons, things didn’t work out and its okay! 

Were you let go from your job? its perfectly natural to blame them and criticize them for letting you go but it probably won’t help you get a new job.. Or think of your next step. 

It is important to wake up smell the coffee and say, “Okay I failed this time.. maybe next time, i’ll be better” Or “Its probably not forever, it will be better with time”

The point is that success and failure is an everyday process. Its important to own your failure and work on it as much as you would for success. 


Hope this article helps you get through your failure easily. Do let me know. Email me or fill the form I'd love to hear from you. Thank you for reading! :) 

🖤 Nikita

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