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Word of the Month according to your Sun Sign + Journal prompts

I have this opinion that every month has a word or a theme. This theme helps to focus on that theme as a way to grow personally and also professionally. Growth is essential but most of the times we are all over the place and somehow don’t know what to focus on. Having a theme helps. It’s a sign that you need to wok on this area for better success and happiness.

Based on your sun sign I’d like to give you your word on the month – something you can work on for your personal and professional growth + I’ll provide a journal prompt that will help bring in clarity.

Aries word of the month – Assertiveness

It’s important to express yourself truthfully. The words you speak make a lot of difference also the way you say these words make a lot of difference. Speak your mind in a way that reflects your personality. Lack of assertiveness could also reduce your confidence. Focus on the way you express yourself.

Journal Prompt – “How can I express my feelings without sounding angry/helpless?”

Taurus word of the month – Surrender

It’s okay to let go and surrender in terms of control. You’re a work in progress and there will be times you may have to let go of the things and beliefs you’ve been controlling. Surrendering doesn’t make you weak but is an opportunity to learn more and unwind. If you’ve been holding on to something tightly now is the time to surrender. You can surrender to love, to god, to the universe, to peace.

Journal Prompt – “What does surrender mean to me right now? How can I make the most of it?”

Gemini word of the month – Love – Allow yourself to let go of the judgements and look past the mistakes of people, surroundings, even yourself. Let love in – your life, your surroundings, by people, your past. Fill it with love. Love is the fastest way to heal and grow. Focus on receiving and giving love.

Journal Prompt – “Why am I afraid to receive the love I deserve?”

Cancer word of the month – Reward -

Not everyone is going to stop to praise you. At times you may need to do that for yourself. Compliments is a wise way to feel motivated. It’s important to pause and celebrate for all the work you've done so far. Do something for yourself that feels rewarding and at the same time motivates you to keep going.

Journal Prompt – “How can I celebrate about my achievements?”

Leo word of the month – Endings – Did you know that endings are a great indication that something new is going to happen? It’s a sign that you need to let go of what doesn’t serve you so you can welcome new things in your life. This is the perfect time to work on your endings. Detox and cleanse as much as you can physically, emotionally, materialistically.

Journal Prompt – “What do I need to let go of?”

Virgo word of the month – Refresh

Open all the curtains and windows and breathe in the fresh air. Go for a walk. Take a step outside your comfort zone. Redo your everyday schedule. If you’re a creature of habit, try something new. Take up gardening as a hobby. Surround yourself with greenery.

Journal Prompt – “In what way can I bring in more fresh air into my life?”

Libra word of the month – Innocence

Call out to your inner child and do what your heart desires. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t allow your mistakes and past to define you. Give yourself the permission to eat, laugh, cry, smile, wonder, live just as your inner child once did or wanted to.

Journal Prompt – “What does my Inner child need right now?”

Scorpio word of the month – Relationships

The balance in any relationship is very important. If you only give or only expect you lose that balance. Even the relationship you have with yourself is the same. To heal and attract other relations in your life, reconnect with yourself first.

Journal Prompt – “In what way can I reconnect with myself?”

Sagittarius word of the month – Faith

some people have faith in god, some in the universe, some in people who love them. Faith is a bridge to hope and dreams. It’s a way to breathe when all hope is lost. It takes a great deal to put a lot of faith in yourself too. This is a time to rely on your faith.

Journal Prompt – “How/in what way can I rely on my faith?”

Capricorn word of the month – Serve

There’s so much in you that the world is calling out to you. Knowing that you can be of service to someone will fill your heart with joy and love. If you’ve been holding out to help people, to guide and assist them, now is the perfect time to go out there and help.

Journal Prompt – “In what way can I be of service?”

Aquarius word of the month – Comfort

Find your sweet spot at home. Pour yourself some coffee/tea/wine/hot chocolate and read or Netflix. Pamper yourself. Do all that makes you feel comfortable. Infuse loving thoughts. Self-care is the best cure for worry. Make the most of it.

Journal Prompt – “What makes me feel comfortable and how often should I do it?”

Pisces word of the month – Abundance

You can attract more only when you believe there’s room for more people. Shift your mindset from competition to collaboration. Face your insecurities to attract abundance. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.

Journal Prompt – “If I let go of my insecurities, what can I welcome in my life?”


So, here’s a simple word of the month for you with a little interpretation by me. Of course, feel free to implement the meaning that seems fit to you and your current situation. Anytime you feel stuck, reflect your word of the month, it’ll help you refocus and take the next best step.

If you’re interested in an in-depth personal reading, go ahead and book a reading.


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