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23 Ideas for your morning routine to set the tone for your day and mood

How do you like your mornings? Full of energy or you like slow mornings?

I recently had a consulting session with a client who seemed to have lost her motivation and will to work. She reached out to me to understand how to get out of this funk mood and as went along we made a few changes in her morning routine. It really helped her so it got me thinking to give you a few ideas for a morning routine that can help set the tone for your day and mood.

As I’ve often mentioned before, your morning sets the tone for the day. It’s usually based upon your personality, your habits, your mood, your energy levels. Anytime I work with a client on their productivity, I talk about their morning routines. More often than usual, making a few changes in their routine really makes a huge difference.

Here are a few ideas for your morning routines. You can try and see how it work for your energy, your productivity and motivation.

  1. Plan your day

  2. Work out

  3. Yoga/meditation

  4. Listen to a podcast episode

  5. Read a chapter from a book

  6. Watch an inspirational YouTube video

  7. Water the plants

  8. Food/meal prep

  9. Just enjoy a cup of coffee/tea

  10. Journaling

  11. Dance/jog

  12. Take your dog out for a walk

  13. Stretch for a bit

  14. Affirmations

  15. Visualization

  16. Skin care/ hair care

  17. Praying

  18. Create something (if you’re an artist or creator)

  19. Catch up on important work emails

  20. Make breakfast

  21. Drink a tall glass of water/lemon Juice

  22. De-clutter/clear space (work or home)

  23. Play a sport

These are a few ideas that can help you create a morning routine that will help you set a good tone for the day as opposed to just grabbing the phone first thing in the morning and instagramming/whatsapping. These are obviously some known ideas but the trick is to figure out what works for you and your energy levels.

Sometimes when my clients need to slow down a bit so as to deal with their emotions and pace and balance their energy, I ask them to go through a slower routine but sometimes when they feel really unproductive and lazy I ask them to choose activities that will keep them going and energized.

Therefore, choose and create a routine based on your current needs.

Share your routine with me on Instagram and tag me. I’d love to know and I’d love to encourage you on the same.

If you’re still a bit a lost and new on having a routine, take a look at the routine I follow and follow suit.

I hope your mornings get better here after!

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