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8 Qualities of introverts that help them become successful

I am an introvert. No, I don’t have a problem nor am I low on confidence. But just like you I could never really understand my own personality. I was always the different one, the quiet one in every group, I could never really fit in a group. I enjoyed doing something progressive rather than small talk. And just like you, I always thought I was wrong. I was a misfit. I tortured myself for years till I actually studied about personalities. I was now enlightened with my own qualities and started meeting more people who were like me, Introverts and proud!

I know what you must be thinking, If I’m an introvert then I must not be good at socializing or must hate people. And what about my career? I remember someone telling me, “but for your career you must be becoming an extrovert, I mean how can you succeed being an introvert?” If you are someone who thinks this way as well, then listen up, being an extrovert or an introvert is pretty much internal. You are built that way.

Introverts are as normal and successful as extroverts. It’s a matter of how they recharge themselves.

Extroverts find their happiness and recharge themselves by being around people. They feel good when they socialize, a lot. Introverts on the other hand enjoy lone time. They aren’t lonely or boring as some people label. They find their happiness when they’re alone. They enjoy in peace and solitude. They are social when they absolutely need to, they’re really crazy with people they are comfortable with but at the end of the day, they need some alone time to refresh.

Here are some qualities of Introverts which help them succeed –

  • They think a lot – Introverts like to think before they leap. They are not usually impulsive. They like to plan. They like to think things through before they make rash decisions. This helps them in brainstorming. If you’re an introvert – check this box, if you too think a lot before making an important choice you must be fairly good in brainstorming.

  • Introverts are Observant –You might be surprised but if you know an introvert, you might see them observing more and participating only when needed. They are good with observation and details. This makes them good leaders. One of the important quality of a leader is that they should be observant. They should be aware about what goes around them.

  • They are amazing listeners –I’m sure you have that one friend who is a great listener. Who is patient enough to listen to you while you rant. You might want to check if they’re introverts. Amazing listeners become great team players. They pay attention to what is being said by whom and can communicate accordingly.

  • They’re amazing public speakers –Don’t be so surprised, they’re indeed very well when it comes to public speaking. Even though they’re considered shy, they are good with preparations and rehearsals.

  • Introverts form meaningful, positive relationships –Introverts don’t have a lot of people hovering around them. They are not what you call “social butterflies”. They have a closed set of people with whom they’re comfortable. They are good with communications making them good in negotiations.

  • They speak when they absolutely need to – You’ll almost never find an introvert “talking” in a discussion. They like to think before they do anything, therefore they choose their words very wisely. They listen very carefully, analyse and then make a valid point. They speak little but each word holds a lot of value.

  • Introverts are intuitive –They have this amazing inner voice. This voice tells them how to face their critics, how to make decisions. Meaning when under pressure, they’re calm and take their time to make rational decisions.

  • They’re usually Calm –Introverts are usually calm. They do face anxiety and fear. But they are good at maintaining their cool most of the times. Usually this proves to be a great strategy when at work.

These are some extremely extraordinary qualities of an Introvert. Extroverts are amazing in their own way. Both the personalities are important to the society.

Being said that no one can be a complete introvert or complete extrovert. (For eg – I am quite impulsive when it comes to making decisions at times, but at times I am a planner.) So among these qualities if you find yourself unable to connect with one or two, it’s okay!


Do let me know as an introvert, which is the quality you admire the most? Or have been complimented for? – send me an email. Thank you for reading. 

🖤 Nikita


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