• Nikita Vyas

Creative Motivation

(Messages for - 15/07/21)

Every idea is a call for possibility and excitement. We're all extremely creative, no matter the kind of work we do. Every day we take actions that are creative in some way. A new idea, a new approach, a new mindset - all, is motivated by creativity.

With the help of Tarot Cards I've picked out and inferred these messages for your creative blockages. I hope these messages today help you introspect. Even though they are dated, you maybe able to relate to them anytime you open this post. The messages here are based on the sun sign, but, they are not predictions. They are messages. Reflect on the message you receive. Journal or mediate on it. Look at them only as a way to guide and not as the final answer to something. If you can't connect with them completely, it's totally okay.

Aries -

Creativity or passion doesn't pay well with domination or too much ruthlessness in the mix. We can get swept away and mistake ruthlessness for passion. Every reaction then can be too intense or too emotional which can create a lot of blockages. Is there a way you can create a boundary between you and intense passion and energy? Is it possible for you to pause and think before you react?

Taurus -

When we look at the meaning of success from someone else's point of view, your progress may never feel okay or enough or worth appreciating. We add a lot of pressure on our self and slowly replace our version of success with that of someone else's. If you've been feeling the urge to compare your progress or journey with someone else's, what do you think it means? If you feel left behind, take a moment to understand what about it truly bothers you?

Gemini -

It is always a good thing to take things the way they come. We find comfort in the realization that everything happens for a reason. We also understand the difference that pulling back may not be the same as giving up. Is there another way to think about this for you? Is it possible for you to find support? How can you make the best of the comforts that surround you?

Cancer -

When we realize that there is a hesitation in receiving from our end chances are we may create blockages without really knowing about it. Even though we may expect to receive the best, we also need to make space for it in our lives. Is it possible that you've been holding onto a past pattern or guilt or reservations regarding something? Are you worried about being judged or critiqued too harshly?

Leo -

When we confuse ourselves with too many choices, chances are we end up feeling exhausted. We also go through unnecessary pressure and sometimes feel extremely overwhelmed. Sometimes we encourage choices because we are too afraid to make a choice we know may hurt us. Is there a way to understand these consequences you are so afraid of? Is it possible that what you fear may not even be true? What have you been avoiding?

Virgo -

Competition is a call to awareness. We envy someone because we lack that in our life. Sometimes we can go overboard in order to prove someone our worth. We assume this to also be a victory for us, which may not be completely true. When you feel like proving your worth to someone what do you think is happening? What is the message you're receiving? What can you do to find the balance between proving and expressing yourself?

Libra -

We like to do certain things our way and sometimes it may not be conventional. It is perfectly okay to bend the rules and some where prefer our own rules. But it is also okay to respect certain suggestions made by others. Is there a way to make room for a little flexibility? Is there a way you can detach yourself from your work and look at it objectively? Is it possible to wok on your confidence to say what you really feel?

Scorpio -

There are no short-cuts to success or no easy way out. Sometime we need to go through a lot of pain and setbacks in order to reach a certain place. We also need to understand