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I complimented myself for 30 days and here's what happened

Self-doubt is a thing. It’s a painful thing. It’s real and it’s not a lot of fun. It’s so easy to put your faith in someone else. So easy to find no flaw in someone else and to easily rely on someone else. But it’s not the same when it comes to self. After a while, it become a part of you. A part of your skin and the load of self-doubt is heavy to carry around.

Looking at other successful women I would feel very envious. About how confident they are about how they don’t have to second guess themselves. They’re so secure and comfortable in their skin. Yes, that made me envious. I would feel stupid, useless and wished I was someone else. Anyone else apart from me.

Sounds sad doesn’t it? But I reckon I’m not the only one who felt that way. I’m not the only one with self-doubts. It happens to everybody and there’s no easy way out. But there’s always something or the other you can do about this feeling of self-doubt.

I don’t know in which area of your life you feel less than worthy. I don’t know in which area of your life you want to feel secure and happy. Maybe it’s just one, maybe its all of it. Maybe you just need a small push. Maybe you need a reminder.

(Every Day...)

I can only hope and guess that this little technique I used with myself helps you too.

I took a small challenge where I complimented myself each day for the next 30 days of my life. I think I felt behind in my life and I felt as if whatever I did or would do would never would match up to the dreams I had. So, I decided to try this out. It couldn’t hurt and anyway, what compliment could I possibly give myself? I’d tire after a day or two. So, couldn’t really hurt!

I started off really simple. Felt extremely ridiculous too. Somehow got to week one easily. Still felt as if all that I’d complimented me for was untrue and fake. Week two turned out to be insightful and slowly there was a small wave of belief. Was it possible that I was really this way? Am I really this person? Do I really have all these qualities in me?

I decided to keep at it and finish my challenge of 30 days. And here’s what I discovered about me.

#1 – Felt a strong connection with myself

#2 – Felt more comfortable in my skin

#3 – Felt free in my thoughts

#4 – Didn’t mind the flaws so much

#5 – Discovered a new side of me

#6 – Learnt new things about myself

#7 – My relationships improved

#8 – Could really let go of the burden

#9 – Started achieving better things

Therefore, I invite you to take this 30-day complimenting challenge with me. I cannot promise you that you’ll feel all that I felt or you’ll feel good about yourself quite instantly but if you keep at it, I’m sure you’ll learn so much about yourself. You’ll want to feel worthy and relax with yourself. You’ll want to improve and work on yourself.

It couldn’t hurt to try this practice. For the next 30 days.

Make a chart, scribble in your journal, put it in a jar and review it after a week and then after 30 days. Whatever works for you. Try to write something different each day but don’t hesitate to repeat the same thing. It’s okay to take it slow, but being consistent is the key.


If you do take this challenge, do write to me and share your experience with me, I’d love to know more about it.

Thank you for stopping by.



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