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I've never had a 5 year plan - Here's why

I have always dreaded this question. I’m one of those people who has never really bothered with plans. I’m sometimes not sure how the next 5 days of my life will go, let alone having the next 5 years of my life figured out. I’ve always mumbled and blurted out some answer that doesn’t make any sense if I’m asked about a 5 year or 10-year plan.

You may be one of those who have their life completely figured out and somehow always known when you’d like to marry, have kids, start your business, make an investment etc., and I truly take a bow if you’re one of those people. I admire your presence of mind and respect the way you have everything so neatly organized.

For a long time, I tried to be like the ones who have it all mapped out. Tried to make a plan and tried to go according to that plan but somehow could never follow it. Despite being a coach, I couldn’t really have a plan. Even if I did, I couldn’t make it work.

Here’s something interesting to note I’ve always somehow known what I wanted to achieve and accomplish. Unlike a lost soul, wandering aimlessly, I’ve always had a clear direction in my life. I’ve always been aware of the kind of life and lifestyle I’ve wanted to adopt and live. And despite that, I’ll never be able to give you an idea about what the next 5 years of my life will look like.

I’m one of those who tends to go with the flow. Of course, I’ve been judged for even saying that. I’ve also been perceived as someone who ‘is wasting her time’. It has never truly bothered me because I chose to live my life in a certain way. I chose to live my life on a day-to-day basis instead of neatly mapping it out.

I want to pause and say that this kind of lifestyle has its own set of difficulties that tend to follow. There’s an uncertainty in my life that tends to scare me at times. Often times it leaves me wondering if I’m going in the right direction or if I’m just wasting the freedom I have.

Fortunately for me, most of the time my uncertainty has helped me stay calm as I’m also a control freak. I’ve learned to make peace with allowing things to happen instead of making them happen. I’ve learned to befriend time instead of controlling it. So far, it has helped me with my anxiety and stays more at peace with myself.

I’ve been one of those (humans) who has never really fit into the conventional box of life. I’ve never lived my life in a traditional way and for that, I’m truly grateful. Yet, I’ve known people who have chosen the conventional way of life and I haven’t judged them. There is a different kind of peace in going toward the more conventional play by play way of life.

So, to sum it all up, yes, I do not and will not have a 5-year plan but I have a goal. I have a vision for my life. I’m enjoying and making the best of life has to offer. I’m trying to purposefully make sense of the freedom I’ve been given and the freedom I’ve chosen.

I’m not oblivious to how our life is limited in many ways. I’m fully aware of the responsibilities that one needs to take to value life. But there are no set rules to these responsibilities. They’re subjective and customized according to each person’s philosophy and theme of life.

If you’ve been juggling and going back and forth with the plans you’ve been trying to make. If you’ve been wondering why these plans haven’t worked for you, the way you want them to. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and evaluate. Maybe it’s completely okay to not have life fully mapped out. Maybe it’s okay to go with the flow. Take it one day/week at a time.


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