• Nikita Vyas

07 reasons why I prefer Mono-tasking to Multitasking

(Disclaimer - Multitasking is not a bad thing, It helps in many ways but in this article I want to stress on the importance of Mono-tasking in a heavily distracted and competitive world)

It was possibly the worst 60 minutes of my life. I couldn’t get out of it and that day I realized how often we take things for granted. The way we’re on a weird high and slowing down seems so sinful. Not to mention the kind of emotional and mental exhaustion that comes along.

I was entertaining people and I wasn’t particularly fond of them but I knew etiquette and was respectful and polite enough with them. But the same courtesy wasn’t extended to me. That is something I didn’t appreciate. But the more I think about it the more I feel this is just the beginning. So, here I was smiling and trying to make conversation and suddenly I see this woman conflicted between using her smartphone and listening to me. It didn’t take me long enough to realize her smartphone was so much more entertaining that I was. (I’m just speculating)

(Note to Self - There's nothing wrong in slowing down)

Anyway, I see this happening and somehow, I fell prey to this cold competition with her smartphone. At one point I remember talking very loudly to get her attention fixed on me. But I failed. Obviously, the phone wasn’t the problem. This woman tried to multitask having a conversation and using her phone. Which was quite disastrous. Eventually I accepted defeat and stopped talking altogether. Sadly, the woman didn’t notice that I’d gone mute and the phone got her full attention after all. Which was both sad (on her part) and humiliating (on my part, briefly).

I can somehow never grasp the concept of multitasking. I’m very good with multi-passionate and definitely advocate it but multitasking is not for me.

I always felt that multitasking was extremely cool and that is something I haven’t been able to achieve even today. But then again, I can’t do what the woman (whom I had to entertain) did. Come to think of it, I prefer mono-tasking. I find mono-tasking not only peaceful but extremely effortless.

Here’s why -

#1 – It requires your full attention –

While mono-tasking, the idea is to focus on one task at a time, goes without saying the attention cannot be split into two tasks. So, if I’m reading, I can’t also be watching Netflix or worse texting. I won’t be able to fully commit to either.

#2 – It gets more work done in less time –

This is obviously a no brainer. Multitasking brings a lot of distractions along with it and when I’m focusing on a single task, I’m prone to get work done without distractions. So, while I’m tying this article, I’m not doing anything else that equally requires my attention. Making my thoughts more precise, less distraction ergo I complete the article in given time (even lesser).