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How to Make Things Happen

It may be impractical to have control and take charge of your life through and through but it may not be completely impossible. Sometimes it’s important to know the difference between giving up and losing hope.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

This quote has stuck with me for a very long time. It has always reminded me that while I may not be able to control everything in my life. I can definitely take charge of most things.

There are certain areas of our lives where we can’t have everything go according to what we want. But it doesn’t reflect for all and every area of our life. I’ve worked with many clients who’ve come to me when they’ve lost hope and nothing seems to be going well in their life. When they’ve lost control over their own ideas and plans and no longer feel in charge.

I’ve been there and I know how frustrating it can get. When everything seems to be slipping away and the only thing that feels good is to stop and stay fixed. Not move at all. It’s never easy to go back to holding the wheel of your life again, but it’s never impossible. Here’s what you need to remember to make things happen in your life.

Know what you want

Make a list of what you really want. Don’t bother yourself with how practical or impractical it feels. Write everything that comes to your mind. Categorize it into the areas of your life so it looks more organized. At this moment don’t waste your time mulling over how you’ll receive all this, at this moment just write it. Becoming aware of all that you want right now can help you gather your thoughts and help you understand better. Maybe you want to attract a partner, maybe you want to get paid better, maybe you want to travel again. Focus on what you want and not what is expected of you or what is given to you.

Control vs Practical

Once a certain awareness is reached, you’ll need to make a list of all that is in your control and all that is not in your control. You may want an increased salary right now to sustain yourself but it may not be in your control due to the involvement of other people. But making travel plans is in your control but you need to be practical about it. This approach will help you understand all that you can take charge of easily. While you may not be able to make somebody fall in love with you, you can understand the kind of person you wish to attract in your life.

Keep showing up in your life

Practice is the only way you can stay in charge of your life. Don’t worry if you fail. Setbacks are inevitable. Keep showing up and keep trying. Do all that you can do practically instead of obsessing over things that cannot be in your control. Go with the flow of how things unfold in your life. Breathe and relax. Accept detours and distractions. Have a mindset that can help you grow and progress.

Accept what you can’t change

You will fail occasionally and things may not go the way you hoped. Instead of wasting your energy on things that you can’t really do anything about focus on what is workable and can be changed. Your habits? Your beliefs? You Mindset? The excuses you make? Work on the changes that are possible instead of obsessing over things that you know may not change.

Trust the timing

Making things happen is never an easy task and may need a lot of patience and perseverance. Sometimes that best thing to do is wait and stay focused on all that you’ve been hoping to achieve. Like they say, “sometimes not doing anything is the best strategy”. Trust the timing of your life. Trust that things will unfold when you are ready to receive them.

These few points will help you stay focused. However, the approach, application and outcome will differ from person to person and the area you wish to work on. If you wish to make things happen in a relationship or when other people are involved things may not be very linear and easy but if you’d like to make things happen in your personal life with yourself, it may not be as tough. The key words to remember to make things happen are – Clarity, Intention and Patience.

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