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Patience for a better quality of life

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As the dawn is about to break I realize I haven’t slept all night. It has been an overwhelming month. Honestly, it has been one of the best months I have had in a really long time!

Every month has a word. I guess it differs from person to person. Depending on their experiences and their situations.  Well, my word for January 2017 is patience. I have come a long way from where I began and the journey has been incredible. I have had the pleasure of interacting with so many people. I have witnessed so much creativity around me.

A few months back, I quit my job enraged at the indiscipline environment at work. I had no idea of what I was going to do next and here I am with starting my own company. This month has taught me a lot. I have experienced the outcome of patience first hand. It is quite a treat! 

Patience as we understand colloquially, refers to waiting. However, patience means endurance. To be calm when things are slow and take time.  Being patient has its own virtue. Not only do you calm down but it also help you to focus and sharpens your goal. A restless mind can only do damage, but, a peaceful mind can clean up and fix the damage. It takes practice and a certain amount of belief. 

When my clients come to me they get extremely impatient after a couple of sessions and judge, either my practicing skills or themselves. Neither of which get them the result they expect. We are so accustomed with the idea of instant that we cannot hold on even for a few seconds. 

Of course, it always comes down to self – control. Losing patience is easy. It is a matter of time to just leave and run. It takes a lot of courage to hold on and walk. 

Remember the famous saying, “Slow and steady wins the race”?! 


Thank you for reading. Do email me and let me know if this article helped you in anyway. :) 

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