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Solitude Within

(Messages for - 14/7/21)

Every day brings a lot of challenges, hopes, setbacks, opportunities - all the same. The graph is rarely linear but we tend to look at all that is unfortunate or negative and all that causes chaos and confusion. Sometimes it is important to look within our inner thoughts, mindset, belief. This gives us an opportunity to get clarity and relax.

With the help of Tarot Cards I've picked out and inferred these messages for your focus and some hope. I hope these messages today help you introspect. Even though they are dated, you maybe able to relate to them anytime you open this post. The messages here are based on the sun sign, but, they are not predictions. They are messages. Reflect on the message you receive. Journal or mediate on it. Look at them only as a way to guide and not as the final answer to something. If you can't connect with them completely, it's totally okay.

Aries -

When the stress gets too much to deal with, things start to seem hopeless and somehow we feel as if nothing will ever go the way we want. We start to overthink and feel victimized too. In such a state, the best thing to do is call out on this feeling of paranoia and state the facts. In what way can you remain a bit more objective towards this burden you've been dealing with? Has this got to do with the past?

Taurus -

Whether it's work or life, when it comes to making a choice and taking action, have you been putting things off only to now to feel as if time is running out? Some times we forget that fear is one of the reasons we tend to procrastinate, not take appropriate timely action and when things seem to fall apart, we worry and feel anxious. In what way can you face this fear right now? In what way can you make a choice?

Gemini -

Even in the most difficult and painful situations, we tend to find hope. Challenges tend to shape us and every scar is a reminder of how far we've come. When dealing with a painful situation, what if you looked within you instead of outside of you, for that motivation and strength? What if you have all the answers that you're looking for? In what way can you show a little faith in your own self?

Cancer -

There comes a time in our lives when things seem to be moving at a good pace. There is a lot of good energy. we somehow find the resources we're looking for. Everything seems to be working out in that phase of energy. In such a time how can you make the best of this energy? How can you also balance rest and action at the same time? What opportunities are you looking for? Does this energy or phase scare you?

Leo -

When two people come closer, whether professionally or romantically or as friends, there is a connection between them. Something that has caused this connect. For this partnership to continue, focus on that point of connection. In what way can you better your communication with each other? In what way can you express their importance in your life at this moment? What does this partnership mean to you?

Virgo -

Sometimes it is easier to simply live life and enjoy the pleasures of it without having any expectations. Sometimes it is easier to be vulnerable without worrying about how others may perceive us. Sometimes it feels so much easier to stay away from conflict and focus on all that gives peace. In what way can you live your life the way you want? What are you truly grateful for in your life? How can you appreciate yourself a little more each day?

Libra -

The things we constantly think about, are very important and not to be taken lightly. They help manifest and in attracting better opportunities. Whatever you think and believe will reflect in your life. How can you make use of your thoughts to work in your favour? How can you call out on your own negative self-talk? How can you re-frame the beliefs that no longer help you?

Scorpio -

Winning is different from feeling truly victorious. Winning can sometimes bear an association with aggression and fear but victory leans towards hard-work and growth. Winning is short-lived and victory is cherished for a longer time. Even though they mean one and the same thing, they are perceived differently. Do you need someone else to lose in order to win? Do you look for the highest good of everyone and not just yourself? Are you hurting someone in the process?

Sagittarius -

When you truly are happy, you don't worry so much. Even if this happiness lasts for a minute, a few hours, a few days, it doesn't matter - cherish this happiness. Happiness is also requires work and effort from our side. It may not last as long as we hoped but this happiness bears a sign of newness and goodness. What new things are you looking forward to? What usually uplifts your mood?

Capricorn -

Organization sometimes is not easy. Sometimes everything feels chaotic and messy. In such moments we tend to rely on our comfort zone, all the while battling with our confidence and worthiness. Shutting down feels like a better option. In what way can you take a break from everything and detox? What does your self-care routine look like? What do you think will help you get back to feeling more organized and in charge?

Aquarius -

Peace is what we make of it. Sometimes we find it even in the most uncomfortable places and other times even when surrounded by luxury we may never feel that peace. Pressure in many ways in responsible for ruining our peace of mind. In what way do you think you're leaning toward pressure? What is the price that you're truly paying for success? How can you bring in a little peace in your life everyday?

Pisces -

We are conditioned to assume the worst when faced with difficulties and setbacks. This conditioning causes unnecessary pain, fear and may even bring up past trauma. Instead of facing this mindset we tend to suppress it and ignore our intuition. All that you've been thinking, is it factual or your assumption? What emotions have you been holding onto? In what way are you perceiving the world right now?


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