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Every Day Intentions + journal prompts

In this episode I'm talking about the way we can set the tone for the day so we can feel more mindful about how our day goes.

This simple little ritual can help you in your improving yourself and your lifestyle. If you're a believer in #slowliving then it's exactly what you need. If you're an entrepreneur it can help you in your burnout. If you're someone who worries a lot, it can help with that too.

I've been practicing this for a while now and I feel much more calm and relaxed and focus throughout my day. This practice is especially amazing for procrastinators and those who usually wake up feeling groggy, irritable and feeling tired. As someone who spent days feeling totally lost about my day and having no idea as to how and where I would spend my time, from being all over the place and feeling totally messed up, I can see so much difference. I attract better work, I'm aware of my thoughts and can make mindful choices. I feel a lot less irritable.

Hope you find this episode useful.


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