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Delicate Transition

It’s only human of us to expect things to move and change quickly and without too much stress or discomfort. I’ve always wondered why is change so difficult? Is it just for me or for other people as well? Why do other people experience change so easily and why am I always feeling so uncomfortable? Am I the only one afraid of change?

Honestly, I still don’t have the answers to all these questions. I’m still trying to find an answer that feel authentic if not reliable. When I look at a baby, I realize how much time, love we offer them. Their first movement, their first words, the first time they crawl, or eat, or say “mama”. The transition from a baby to a child is so delicate, so full of love, so easy-going.

Look at a plant, slowly and beautifully transitioning from a seed to a plant, to a tree, to bearing fruits and flowers. I’m not a plant person, but I’ve come to slowly learn to embrace the transition of a plant. I look forward to the growth.

I think as adults we’re constantly comparing our growth with that of someone else regardless of their journey, their goals and their focus. It’s not only not right but also visibly unnecessary. I think one of the reasons that we find it difficult to move and grow is the necessity to hang on and hoard. Even if its unpleasant, even if it harms our peace. At times its with people, at times with things.

When talking about transition, I have to talk about endings. I have to state the fact that endings are not only important but almost like a compulsion. Endings don’t always need to bear connotations to bad, unpleasant, ruins, downfall… it could very well mean, improvement, growth, moving on, the next phase/step, evolve. Your perspective makes a lot of difference.

I remember a time when I was torn between being a psychologist and my love for reading cards. I was good at both you know. Sometimes one paved a way for the other. But I felt as if this transition would bring me more harm than good. So, I kept pushing it away. Naturally experiencing unhappiness till one day I couldn’t really push it any further and allowed the change to happen.

Today in my sessions, I use cards as well. In fact, it helps me understand deep rooted fear and emotions of my clients and helps clients understand more about them as well. I needed time to understand how to include these as a part of my work but once I let it be, it kind of automatically fit itself in.

I’m not sure if this makes sense to you. It probably won’t till you actually experience it. Whether it’s your personal life or your professional life. Transitions can only be experienced not matter how much you describe it.

Have you ever looked at yourself one day and wondered if you’ve suddenly changed since last year/last month/last week? Do you feel a shift in the energy? As if it’s you but something’s suddenly changed? You suddenly feel energetic, happy, confident and feel as if you’re ready for anything. This is an example of a delicate transition. It happens slowly, silently and it doesn’t feel that way till one day you wake up and realize something has changed.

I work with clients who are in transition in my opinion. They’re dealing with ending, change, trying to understand it and be comfortable with it. A delicate transition can help you open many doors, can change your life in a way you don’t expect. It’s an adventure that you can’t prepare for but have to be mindful about it.

I’m going to wrap up this article with a small affirmation –

‘If this is for my good, I now easily trust and accept this transition’


Thank you for stopping by and reading this. I hope it helps you in evaluating your current life changes better.


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