• Nikita Vyas

How to deal with a negative surrounding?

How do you deal with negativity around you?

There’s nothing worse than living in a toxic environment. Whether its in your personal or professional life. What’s around you reflects your mood, your thoughts, your goals and your #motivation. Our mind, beliefs and thoughts are sensitive towards #negativity. Therefore, we tend to become more and more attracted to it and disturbed by it. Being in a toxic environment is unhealthy and can really affect your health in the long run.

I wish I would’ve learnt of this technique a bit sooner, when I was in college and when started working professionally. This simple technique can change things not only around you but can also bring a sense of calmness within you. You must’ve heard of being #compassionate? It has circulated so many times since the last two years. Especially the focus on self-compassion. But it does tend to become less and less possible to practice self-compassion when your surrounding is so messy and chaotic. It’s like living in a land full of garbage and crap. No one would want to live or work in such a place.

But the question to ask is, “What can you do?” It isn’t in your control to change the thoughts of other people or change their beliefs. No, its not.

What do you do when your surrounding is dirty? You clean the mess, make it tidier so that you can live in it, deal with the smell and dust so you can breathe fresh air. When that happens, you can not only live peacefully but also create. But how is it similar about people? How can you clean the mess and chaos of people?

Before I tell you what this technique is, I want to talk to you about a few things you need to keep in mind.

Compassion is all about kindness and empathy. Even though it is assumed and associated as spiritual this can be applied in your personal and professional lives. People behave the way they do because they’re going through something in their lives, their life script forces them to behave the way they do. Sometimes it hurts them sometimes it hurts others.

You cannot fix their life story it’s not your job to but here’s what you can do –

  1. Avoid the drama – Don’t get sucked in the drama. Its only going to make it worse. It could be a bit difficult if it involves you directly. But try to stay away from any kind of drama.

  2. Don’t judge – This one is easier said than done. But it does make life so much simpler. When you judge someone or a situation there’s a fixed #mindset that you form about that person or that event. This tends to create more and more negativity about that person, thing or situation making it difficult to change the perception.

  3. Create Boundaries – When around people it can get extremely difficult to keep them at bay for your peace of mind. Every now and then we do get sucked in. Especially at work when boundaries aren’t set there is unnecessary conflict. I don’t mean you stay mute or unfriendly but usually when you stick with your values there’s a high chance you stay away from a lot of negativity.

  4. Be more Practical – I promise you its not an impossible thing to do nor is it a cliched advice. By being practical what I really mean is that you become more observant to things around you. Read between the lines and pay attention to behaviour, attitudes, motives and find a balance to stay grounded.

None of these points imply or suggest that you live in a bubble and cannot deal with things. Even though these are repeated norms and points they are useful to help deal with negativity on a daily basis.

Ready to learn the #technique?

It’s quite simple actually. All you’ve got to do is #breathe.

As you breathe in you say, “I’m inhaling all the negativity around me.” and as you breathe out you say, “I’m spreading all the #positivity around me.” That’s all. Even though this may seem a bit odd its recommended by one of the meditations that Buddha teaches. This selfless act of compassion for others is one of the highest ways to not only keep your surrounding happy and clean but it also helps others is many ways.