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Journal Prompts for October 2020 based on your Sun sign

Welcome October 2020 with some insight and careful introspection. Every month brings a plethora of experiences, based on your sun sign I’ve come up with journal prompts that you can work on in your down time for better clarity and understanding of the month of October 2020.

Take your time to work on these prompts and if you can, try to relate it to your intentions for October or your goals and plans for October and see how it helps you throughout the month.

It’s totally okay if you can’t relate or don’t think it works for you, try journaling anyway, you never know what you may unearth from the bottom of your emotions.

Aries –

  1. The obstacles I’m facing right now, where are they leading me?

  2. How can I make the most of it?

  3. What can I learn from it?

Taurus –

  1. How do I feel about my dreams?

  2. Why do I feel so strongly about them?

  3. In what way can it change the course of my life?

Gemini –

  1. How can I be more mindful about the things I’m trying to attract?

  2. How can I add joy in my attraction?

  3. What challenges tend to make me unhappy?

Cancer –

  1. Where is my focus as of now?

  2. How do I feel about my focus?

  3. How can I use this focus to manifest what I want?

Leo –

  1. In what way have I been avoiding my own needs?

  2. How can I be more aware of my needs?

  3. How can I be more comfortable with the challenges that I face due to my needs?

Virgo –

  1. What needs healing in my life currently?

  2. What tends to trigger my pain?

  3. How can I spend time with my feelings?

Libra –

  1. What are my views on happiness?

  2. What makes me happy honestly?

  3. In what way can I add more happiness in my life each day?

Scorpio –

  1. What does my energy say about me currently?

  2. What can help me stay enthusiastic?

  3. What are my intentions towards my goal/life/dreams?

Sagittarius –

  1. What am I trying to create in my life right now?

  2. What are the challenges that I usually face?

  3. What do I need so that I can create in peace?

Capricorn –

  1. What are the things that make me uncomfortable?

  2. How can I step outside my comfort zone?

  3. In what way will this help in my growth?

Aquarius –

  1. How do I truly feel about miracles?

  2. What am I truly hoping to change in my life?

  3. How can I be more hopeful about it?

Pisces –

  1. What is my inner voice trying to tell me?

  2. What do I need to let go to feel more at ease with my inner voice?

  3. How does my inner voice guide me usually?


If you’d like to go further in alignment of your month of October you can Journal these questions that I usually use as a spread to understand the month ahead.

My current state of mind/feeling

My personal theme of the month

What should I aim to accomplish?

What should I avoid or let go?

What should I embrace?

What obstacles should be aware of?

How can I find support?

What action or next steps should I take this month?

Words of encouragement that I need right now

You can apply these questions to your personal and professional life. If you’re interested in a spread for the same take a look at the details here and get in touch with me to know of your month ahead.

Happy October!

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