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Something to be Happy about

This ritual will not only change your perspective on happiness but also help you attract more happiness. It'll help you stay hopeful and positive. Its a ritual that's used by many successful people all over the world and they have no side effects. Try it out!

One day I hope you're able to attract all the happiness you want.

But till that day comes, here's a little something to help you feel happy each day.

If only for 5 minutes,

if only for a minute,

You are allowed to feel happy and content,

You truly deserve it,

but life is mixed bad of emotions and happiness is the toughest one to sustain.

I hope this ritual helps in changing your perspective toward your life and happiness.

I hope it brings a smile to your face even if for a second.

I hope this ritual helps you find that hope you have lost.

After a really tough and bad time there's something waiting out there for you,

I hope this ritual helps you bring it closer to you.


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