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  • Intentions for December 2021 based on your sun sign

    This year started with the hope that we would get to all that we couldn’t get to last year. We would catch up with friends more. After watching all that Netflix could offer, we made decided we were going to go out more. Spend some quality time in nature. Even bring it inside our homes as much as we can. Look at faces in person rather than looking at our phones. We lost people we never thought we’d lose. We made sure to stay connected with the people who mean the world to us, no matter the price. Life seemed to have a purpose now that we know it is extremely unpredictable and even more limited. 2021 has been eventful for me. The last 06 months have been way too challenging for me. But, I've realized that I’m stronger than I was, I navigated through these challenges with support, a lot of downtimes, loads of introspection. I do not know how 2021 went for you. But I hope you had some memories you could keep with you. I hope you found a way to forgive yourself, make peace with your sorrows, claim your strength, get insight, make necessary changes. Even if things didn’t go your way, you made it till the end of the year. For that, I’m so proud of you. I won’t ask you to make the most of it or do something that is superbly drastic. But I will ask you to spend some time evaluating your progress and make a list of all that you’re looking forward to in the upcoming year. To guide you and give this a direction. I’ve pulled some messages for you to focus on this December. Meditate on it, journal your response to these messages and try to apply them in your life however you think they fit. These are collective messages based on the sun sign you belong to. Please note these are not predictions but simple messages for you to reflect on for this month. Aries – Looks like this December all your hard work is finally paying off. You’ve been carrying on for so long now and all that sacrifice you made is finally showing the result. It’s time to put down all the burden you shouldered for so long. Now is the time to enjoy the progress you’ve made. No matter how small or little it may be. You’ve earned this success and achievement. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this accomplishment. Look forward instead of looking back. This December month, pay attention to where your focus should be in this new year. Taurus – There comes a point when passion feels like work. What started as complete devotion and dedication now feels like too much of a hassle and a lot of trouble. This passion that now feels like pressure could be pushing you to become cranky, cold, unwelcoming, difficult, rude, and quite unpleasant to be around. Perhaps it’s time to take a step back to re-evaluate how you are around people. Maybe it’s okay to pause and delegate work instead of doing everything all by yourself. December is a time of evaluation anyway, so take time off your busy schedule to do some serious relaxation. Gemini – As the year comes to an end it’s now time to make a few unpleasant changes that you’ve been afraid to make. Maybe you have been happy in your comfort zone no matter how miserable it makes you. Maybe there’s still something that’s holding you back into this comfort zone. Maybe you’re not ready to leave it yet but ready to repair it. Try to gauge these changes and what is it truly going to cost if you were to make them. Maybe you don’t have to let go of it fully but bit by bit. You’ve done all there is you can do. This December, work on your expectations, desires, and make choices that work in your best interest. Cancer – Maybe your leadership hasn’t been going the way you hoped and wanted. Maybe things haven’t been going the way you wanted. Despite all your approaches you haven’t been able to get things done. But there’s a charm to you that’s undeniable and attractive. This charm has always helped you before and this charm can work in your favour now as well. Use this charm as a way to connect and not as a way to manipulate. You have a soft side to you that will work in your favour if you allow it to. This December, let your warm side take over. Leo – Even if it’s good to be aware and prepared, no one enjoys being around a know-it-all or someone who doesn’t wish to learn any more than they already do. Not learning is a clear sign of unhealthy superiority which can give a really bad impression. Maybe it’s okay to once in a while look at someone else’s approach. Maybe it’s okay to allow others to prove a point or make their case. It’s okay to be hasty but consider a diplomatic approach too. This December, be a learner. Virgo – To start something new, you need to be clear of any confusion and chaos. If you have way too many ideas or thoughts or if you fear is taking over your rationale, try talking about it to someone who will help you make sense of things. You have a lot of opportunities that can help take you far but don’t miss them due to your fear. These opportunities may not come around again anytime soon. It’s always better to have clarity than be in a rut and confuse yourself further. This December, grab the opportunities that come your way. Libra – The ideas you’ve been having and thinking about are quite amazing. But it won’t amount to much if you don’t make a proper plan for it. You are good at thinking big but now you need to find a way to also make it happen. Believe in your vision and your creativity. Believe in your ability to execute them no matter what happens. Imagine how good it will feel once you eventually make it happen. Imagine that feeling, hold it, and let it fill you up. Now get going. This December, make it happen. Scorpio – If you truly believe you deserve something personal or important to you, now is the time to take a stand. Now is the time to not give up on it. You may have to defend it from time to time and that’s okay. Sometimes when we defend what we believe in, it becomes even more important to us. If you believe what you’re standing for is going to make you happy and successful don’t hold back. Talk about it. Feel proud. Share it with the world. Celebrate it and don’t be shy about it. You’re not wrong, don’t act like it. This December, stand by what you believe in. Sagittarius – It’s okay to accept your mistake from time to time and let go of that bitterness. It’s not wrong to accept defeat. It helps you learn. You can’t play the victim forever and you shouldn’t either. Letting go is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of maturity. It can allow you to evolve from time to time. Don’t worry about how it all may end. But think about the freedom you’ll experience once you stop fighting the battles that no longer serve you. This December, let go of bitterness. Capricorn – Your inner child is yearning for your attention. But you’ve been ignoring it and criticizing it. You are otherwise warm and caring. You are always available to help and serve anyone who truly needs your help. Your warmth helps anyone heal. But when it comes to yourself and catering to your needs you tend to turn the other way. Use the warmth that you have for your wellbeing. This December, pay very close attention to what your inner child wants. Aquarius – Just run with it. Take things as they come. You can’t control everything. You can’t always allow things to rile you up this way. Take the big leap you’ve been hoping to take. It’s not about risk but an adventure. Something that is lacking in your life right now. All that keeps you up at night should be fun and exciting not worrisome. Spend some time to think about it. This December, look for an adventure, take the big leap. Pisces – There is no significant reward in participating in conflict all the time. It tends to only drain you and doesn’t take you very far. You are afraid of being all by yourself. You’re afraid of spending some quality time with yourself but you tend to feel just as lost among people. Maybe the people you’re spending time with aren’t the people you’d ideally wish to spend time with. This December, get some me-time. Since these are collective messages, chances are you may or may not connect or relate to them but I'd still like to encourage you to take some time off and journal on these messages and think about them. It may help you at a time in this month when nothing seems to make sense. If you’d like to get further clarity in your life. If you feel you would like to work on yourself and understand tangled thoughts and bring about a major change in your mindset, take a look at my - coaching program, the digital shop, or I hope this December fills you up with laughter, love, and loads of happiness. Happy December!

  • Why do people hurt us?

    It is around 4 30 AM and I’ve barely had any sleep. My eyes are bloodshot and swollen. I keep recanting the gory details of what went down. Trying to make sense and find meaning amidst all this pain and devastation. I will eventually heal and go about my day just as I perhaps was before all this chaos ever happened. But I doubt that’s even the point, right now. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not here to tell you my sad story or try to find pity or even sympathy. I’m not here to blame anyone either. I’m here because I’m hurt. I feel betrayed. Perhaps I should be used to it by now seeing as I’ve always been hurt way too easily. I can very easily look at my overtly sensitive personality and hide under its feathers. But that’s not going to help me either. Not that being sensitive is wrong. On the contrary, I find that my insights are because I’m blessed with a personality that allows me to think in-depth. That’s why I’m here. I have a very simple question to ask you right now. A question we’ve often asked rhetorically and whose answers are made to be quite redundant. Isn’t it how it always works? Perhaps, yes. It does. Perhaps, it’s the way of life. People come, stay, people hurt us. But I don’t find myself quite appeased with this response. Although I choose to accept this philosophy, as it allows me to move on. But I find myself extremely torn each time a gush of hurtful memories come by. I then, cannot help but ask this very question I ask you here today. Why do people hurt us? Maybe you have the answer to this. Maybe you do not and have been burdened with the same thought. As a Psychologist, I’m trained to rely on my knowledge and the experience I’ve gained by working with people who’ve often asked me the same question, during their moments of despair. I’m trained to empathize and make sense of brutality in a manner that resembles compassion. I will confess today that however unfair it may appear, this education combined with my training and experience has helped answer most of the questions, that life has failed to deliver. Based on that experience and knowledge I’m going to attempt to make sense of this simple question, ‘Why do people hurt us?’ There are so many words I can use to make sense of this question, Insecurity, jealousy, sense of superiority, trauma and experience, judgment, detachment, fear of loss, fear of love, fear of pain, lack of self-worth, unhappiness, lack of acceptance, comparison… and so much more. I’m sure, this is something you’ve assumed as well. In complete honesty, I do not know if this is intentional or unintentional. I do not know if this is something inherent or learned. There is no way to determine this accurately. I’m completely aware of this fact that it doesn’t justify their behavior, the words they choose to speak, the hands that were raised in anger, the judgments they formed and passed, the voice that was raised, the way they chose to bully you, torture you… but that’s not why I chose to talk about this today. It’s so easy to have doubts each time we are hurt. It’s easy to feel ashamed and embarrassed and insulted each time someone chooses to hurt us. It’s not about whose fault it was or even about an apology. It’s about how they made you feel at that moment. But what if, you are not to be blamed for it? What if it’s not your fault? But this is something I’ve understood and know to be true, whatever their reason, it has nothing to do with you. Yes, people hurt us. Their behavior can leave us devastated for a long time. It can bear scars on our souls and skin forever. Yes, we may have to live with them forever. Of course, it’s never going to be okay or the same. But it’s not your fault. You are never to be blamed. I’ve unfortunately been on the other side and I have hurt my loved ones gravely. This is why I try as much as I can to not be extremely black and white. Try to be more sympathetic than judgmental. Which is why I’m okay to offer second chances. Forgive just as quickly. I learn from my mistakes quite often and then grow and not try to repeat them. I’m aware that not everyone will choose to or want to change or mend their ways. They may pretend for a while then fail miserably. And sometimes it is best for the sake of your sanity to walk away, maintain the necessary distance, draw boundaries, control your emotions and feelings – you always have that choice. I refuse to believe that people are born evil. I refuse to accept that they can never change. But maybe, it is not my responsibility to go through and bear the brunt of their behavior just the same. I am truly sorry if you were ever hurt, physically, emotionally, mentally. If you had to endure that pain at any given point in your life. If it made you question your sanity or worth. If despite it all, you didn’t receive a proper apology. I truly am sorry if you were hurt in ways that will take a long time to heal. But I do hope you find some solace in this fact that when people hurt, it says more about them than it does about you. I hope you find a way to forgive yourself for punishing yourself and causing further pain than you’ve already succumbed to. My hope for you is, may you never lose yourself despite all the suffering and pain inflicted upon you. May you choose to be who you are at your core. May you find the kind of happiness that gives you peace.

  • In conversation with - Megha Rawat

    Thinking about an introduction for Megha, I'm trying to recall how I came across her work. Of course it was on Instagram but I can't remember how I came across her profile, nonetheless, I am so so glad that I did. I call myself the crazy mug lady. I wanted to learn pottery just so I could make beautiful mugs for my coffee. But what's better is what Megha does. Her products are basic, colourful yet minimal and super light to hold. I've since bought 3 mugs from her and eyeing a few more to add to my collection. Megha is a jovial person, just like her colourful work, she is kind and always replies with a lot of Joy. It is an absolute pleasure to share her story with you. Q - Hi, please tell us a little about yourself. Hi, I’m Megha, the artist behind the studio pottery label, The Mudslingers. Around 10 years ago I started dabbling in pottery and now we’re here! I’m someone who gets bored easily. I switched many jobs before discovering pottery but thankfully this stuck! Being a potter is the one thing I always enjoy as the possibilities to create something out of clay are limitless. I was born and raised in Delhi and I’m based in Noida now. I work in a bright, small space which is a garage turned studio in my home. This is where all the ceramics you see on my page are created. It’s been quite a journey but it feels nice to be where I am today. :) Q - Was it your dream to become an artist/an entrepreneur? Please tell us about your milestone journey, the hurdles etc? Having a strict parent while growing up meant that my siblings and I were not really given the liberty to make choices or think for ourselves as I didn’t care to dream much but I do remember enjoying sketching, doodling behind my textbooks or any piece of paper I found lying around when it was actually time to study. So I knew I wanted to do something art related but I could never really dream of an artistic career. As I grew older, I gained more confidence (all thanks to my elder sister Monica, without whom I would be living a completely different life today) and didn’t stick to one vocation. From wanting to become a professional dancer to working for an advertising firm, from just making lamps out of wood and acrylic and selling them to interior design, I tried quite a few things. After doing a two year diploma in Interior Design, I worked for two years in the field in Mumbai. Then one day, I received a phone call from my closest friend in Delhi, suggesting a change in career for both of us as we were not really content with our professional lives. So, we both decided to save money for a few months & then leave for Auroville in the hope that we’ll find some potters who’ll be willing to teach us – as there wasn’t really much information available about pottery classes online. When the time came to leave, my friend changed her mind & decided to stay! And it dawned on me that I was on my own! I hesitated a lot but eventually took the plunge to see what lies ahead. I’m so grateful to the decision I made or I’m sure I would’ve looked back and wondered what if… So I packed my bags and went to Auroville, only to realise that none of the potters were interested in teaching or mentoring a student. But then after some persuasion, one of the senior potters told me about Andretta Pottery, situated in a small village in Himachal Pradesh. So I headed over to this postcard village called Andretta where my pottery journey started with the snow covered peaks of the gorgeous Dhauladhar mountain range as its backdrop. This was just the beginning. There’s a long list of hurdles & difficulties that came along with stepping into this new world, as learning pottery did not come easy to me. During the 3 month pottery course, for the first 15 days of practicing 6 days a week - 8 hours a day, I could hardly even centre clay (the very first step that requires a lump of clay to be placed correctly in the centre of the wheel prior to everything else) while my fellow students were already onto the next stages of pulling cylinders & bowls. I started to believe that pottery wasn’t for me and literally wished every day for the rain to pour so hard that the sessions get cancelled. I somehow still pushed myself to not give up and give it more time & effort and figure out how to help myself. I remember tearing up in front of my teacher asking him if I wasn’t right for it. He told me everyone has their own pace. Some are fast at picking up in the beginning and some are really slow but it has no relation to who’ll excel as a potter. He gave me a few examples of his older students that helped me tremendously at that point. There’s a long list of hurdles & difficulties that came along with stepping into this new world but guess I should wrap it up for now. :-p Q - Please tell us a little about The Mudslingers. How did you come up with the name? My pottery journey started some 10 years ago but we came up with the name a few years later when I had some students in my studio. I used to give pottery classes back then. The name was my sister’s brainchild! She thought of a us when we were kids playing in the rain and splashing mud all around & just like that The Mudslingers was born. She’s also the content marketing brain behind the brand and basically the editor of everything in my life including The Mudslingers content. :D The brand is all about functional pottery, focusing mainly on tableware with just a few designs that are decorative plus functional at the same time. It’s mainly because I personally prefer being able to hold a piece of art I like and use it in my daily life as compared to looking at it from a distance. Q – How is “The Mudslingers” different from other brands available? To be honest, I didn’t plan to make it any different but since even before diving into the learning process, I knew I wanted to achieve solid bright colours on simple shapes with minimalistic designs. I guess that’s one thing that I find different from most brands. I always wondered why I never came across any bright coloured handmade pottery only to realize that it's just a personal choice. I’ve been attracted to colour all my life. Bright plain solids with no print or pattern but it was always hard to find….be it clothes, bags, sheets, you name it! So before I decided to learn pottery, I researched to make sure that it’s something I can achieve with this medium. Q – How would you describe your journey with The Mudslingers so far? It has been many emotions at different times. My journey has been difficult, nerve-racking & unbearable but also beautiful, joyous and exhilarating. It seemed difficult for the longest time when I started….almost making me give up several times but later, it also opened the door to never-ending possibilities when I became more confident of my skills & started getting opportunities that enabled me to explore my potential. I can comfortably say that I’m happy to be where I am today. :) Q – What were some of the good and not so good advice that you received when you got started? The best advice I got was from a friend when I was still contemplating about leaving my stable job in Bombay to go learn pottery. He told me to take the plunge, else I’ll keep thinking about it for the rest of my life. Not such good comments (rather than advice) were to snap out of it, consider pottery just as another casual hobby and consider getting a traditional, stable job. Q - If someone inspired by your story wanted a piece of advice from you what would you tell them? I’d say if you truly want something that’s humanly achievable but seems pretty impossible, just do some research & try to dive into it a bit. It won’t always come easy (as everything & everyone has its/their own pace) but you’ll be surprised to discover that absolutely nothing is impossible to achieve. It just needs time, patience & consistency to do it. Q – What are your future plans for The Mudslingers? I have small immediate goals that I work towards instead of having big future plans. I may come across as not an ambitious person for that reason. :-p Though I recently achieved one of my long term goals of opening a little Mudslingers shop for anyone who’d like to come over to my studio to browse and shop for my pieces in person. Quite stoked about that one as I enjoy meeting people one on one more than selling online. Q – Any further comments? The main driving force for me from the beginning till date has been the sound of being called a Potter! :-p From the very first day when the idea of considering Pottery as a profession hit me, all I could think of was….being called a “Potter” would be so damn cool! It literally was the sole driving force for me to make the shift to pottery & even kept me afloat when I desperately wanted to give up as the process didn’t come easy to me. True story! :D Social Media/Website links Instagram: the.mudslingers

  • I've never had a 5 year plan - Here's why

    I have always dreaded this question. I’m one of those people who has never really bothered with plans. I’m sometimes not sure how the next 5 days of my life will go, let alone having the next 5 years of my life figured out. I’ve always mumbled and blurted out some answer that doesn’t make any sense if I’m asked about a 5 year or 10-year plan. You may be one of those who has their life completely figured out and somehow always known when you’d like to marry, have kids, start your business, make an investment etc., and I truly take a bow if you’re one of those people. I admire your presence of mind and respect the way you have everything so neatly organized. For a long time, I tried to be like the ones who have it all mapped out. Tried to make a plan and tried to go according to that plan but somehow could never follow it. Despite being a coach, I couldn’t really have a plan. Even if I did, I couldn’t make it work. Here’s something interesting to note that I’ve always somehow known what I wanted to achieve and accomplish. Unlike a lost soul, wandering aimlessly, I’ve always had a clear direction in my life. I’ve always been aware of the kind of life and lifestyle I’ve wanted to adopt and live. And despite that I’ll never be able to give you an idea about what the next 5 years of my life will look like. I’m one of those who tends to go-with-the-flow. Of-course I’ve been judged for even saying that. I’ve also been perceived as someone who ‘is wasting her time’. It has never truly bothered me because I chose to live my life in a certain way. I chose to live my life on a day-to-day basis instead of neatly mapping it out. I want to pause and say that this kind of a lifestyle has its own set of difficulties that tend to follow. There’s an uncertainty in my life which tends to scare me at times. Often times it leaves me wondering if I’m going in the right direction or if I’m just wasting the freedom I have. Fortunately for me, most of the times my uncertainty has helped me stay calm as I’m also a control freak. I’ve learned to make peace with allowing things to happen instead of making them happen. I’ve learned to befriend time instead of controlling it. So far, it has helped me with my anxiety and stay more at peace with myself. I’ve been one of those (humans) who has never really fit into the conventional box of life. I’ve never lived my life in a traditional way and for that I’m truly grateful. Yet, I’ve known people who have chosen the conventional way of life and I haven’t judged them. There is a different kind of peace in going toward the more conventional play by play way of life. So, to sum it all up, yes, I do not and will not have a 5-year plan but I have a goal. I have a vision for my life. I’m enjoying and making the best of life has to offer. I’m trying to purposefully make sense of the freedom I’ve been given and the freedom I’ve chosen. I’m not oblivious to how our life is limited in many ways. I’m fully aware of the responsibilities that one needs to take to value life. But there are no set rules to these responsibilities. They’re subjective and customized according to each person’s philosophy and theme of life. If you’ve been juggling and going back and forth with the plans you’ve been trying to make. If you’ve been wondering why these plans haven’t worked for you, the way you want them to. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and evaluate. Maybe it’s completely okay to not have life fully mapped out. Maybe it’s okay to go with the flow. Take it one day/week at a time.

  • In Conversation with - Keshsa Vasant

    What comes to your mind when I say 'Banana'? - For me, it's mostly a rich chocolate banana smoothie. I never imagined I'd associate banana with paper and stationary. Yep! You're not mistaken. I was so surprised and impressed to learn of such a delicious way to use stationary. I'd known Keshsa, long before her lovely brain child 'Ikksha' and it didn't come as a surprise to me that she would start a brand based on eco-friendly products, but banana fibre was definitely new to me. As someone who absolutely loves, adores and hoards stationary, especially journals, I fell in love with her work instantly. In this conversation, we learn a bit about Ikksha and the lovely Keshsa. Q - Hi, please tell us a little about yourself Hi, My name is Keshsa Vasant. I am a Digital Marketer by the day and a hustler and Mandala/dot painting artist by the night. I am the founder of Ikksha, an eco-conscious stationery brand making writing materials from plant fibers. My ultimate dream in life is to start a petting zoo. Q – Was it your dream to become and artist/an entrepreneur? People would always look up to my father because he was running a very successful IT company. My heart was always filled with pride every time someone appreciated the dedication, hard work and perseverance my father had for his business and for everything he has achieved. Naturally, everyone around me always asked if I would be an entrepreneur like him but I would politely decline and say “I want to be a vet. I love animals and hope to give back to these wonderful fur friends of ours in anyway I can” But I guess, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree huh. From dreaming to be a vet to starting business, my dreams have come a long way. I was raised around family members who were entrepreneurs. I have seen people start their business from ground up, grow them and eventually sell them. This helped my dream evolve and give me direction on what I wanted to do in the future. Q – Please tell us a little about Ikksha Ikksha was started with the aim to provide eco-friendly options to the stationery lover in us. Thus, we created writing supplies from BANANA PAPER. Wondering why banana paper? The production of banana paper when compared to wood paper has minimal impact on the environment since it does not use process chemicals and uses less energy during the production. Making the banana paper live longer, biodegradable and recyclable. Keeping this in mind, we made Ikksha au natural. To compliment the natural properties of the banana paper I used natural dyes, soy ink, coconut button bookmarks and banana fibre fastener to make the collection flawlessly natural. Not only are our journals pretty but they have pockets and pen holder loops to make it functional. Q – How did you come up with the name? Iksha means “Sight” in Sanskrit. When I was looking to start the stationery line, I wanted to have an Indian name for the brand. The idea behind wanting an Indian name was that when the brand went global, I would have the opportunity to share the rich culture of India. India is rich in history, designs and patterns with deep scientific meaning and Ikksha would be my platform to showcase it to the world.I am Proud to be an Indian. Journaling has many scientific benefits and one of it being it gives clarity to the mind. When people write down their thoughts, their mind clears and it gives them a certain direction and a vision to see life in a different way. Thus writing gives you a sight into the direction of life you can choose to take, in other words it gives you Ikksha. Q – Please tell us about your milestone journey, the hurdles etc? Ikksha has come a long way since it started. As an entrepreneur, there were several hurdles I had to overcome both mentally and externally in the initial days. To mention a few, as a young, small product brand it was very important for me was to gain the trust of the vendors before gaining the trust of the customers. It took time to build this relationship but this was very important since this would define the quality of products that I would offer. Apart from vendor relations, the other challenge was to build a team that aligned with my vision for the brand. The team makes or breaks the brand and so it was important I hire the right team. Mentally, as an entrepreneur self-doubt is inevitable, at least in the beginning. There were many days were I was demotivated and highly discouraged with what I was doing when something went wrong. But fortunately for me, I have the best team and some of the most amazing support systems around me that helped me during my lowest times. This helped me get back on my feet the next day. Milestones - Ikksha is now retailing in over 10 retailers around the globe and is growing. Q – How is “Ikksha” different from other brands available? Ikksha creates writing materials from 100% plant based materials. We use plant based fibers from cover to paper. Our entire current collection is made from Banana fibers. Apart from the paper, we use soy ink and avoid the use of chemicals in any form. Banana fibre is more sustainable We also wanted to make this basic everyday essential functional and so have added pockets, button fastener and pen loops in each book. Q – How would you describe your journey with Ikksha so far? Like all small business, Ikksha’s journey has been adventurous with a lot of ups and downs. However, at the end of the day I would say it has been a good journey so far. All the hard work and determination does pay off someday. There are times when I wish I could have done more but then there is today where I can do everything I could have done Q – What were some of the good and not so good advice that you received when you got started? Good Advise - Don’t make important decision when you are emotional. Don’t make any decision when you are happy, angry or sad, these might lead to decisions that you might regret in the future. Bad Advise - Be a 100% ready before you launch. The truth is you will never be a 100% ready ever. A business evolves with time, feedback and refinement. Unless you put yourself or the brand out there you will never know what is wrong or what is right. Q - If someone inspired by your story wanted a piece of advice from you what would you tell them? When there are times of self-doubt, think about the reason why you started the business in the first place. If you have a strong reason why you started the business, every doubt in the mind will go away. Second: There will be times which will demotivate you and pull your spirits down, don’t shy away from those feeling but embrace them. While embracing them, make note of why you are feeling them and understand how to handle them better in the future. Q – What are your future plans for Ikksha? I am hoping to launch more designs and stationery styles with banana fibers and other plant based fibers such as hemp, cactus, tea leaves etc. I am also hoping to take the brand global. Q - Do you believe in Dreams? Of course! Dreams is our way of imagining what our inner subconscious wants. Believe in them and it will turn to reality. You need to dream to even accomplish things. “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe” - Antole France Q – Any further comments? Start journaling, it does help! Social Media/Website links Website: Facebook/Instagram:

  • All or Nothing Thinking

    I was taught that one should be happy with all that they have. They should find a way to be okay with what they get. I love this philosophy, honestly. It’s peaceful and I understand the reason why this kind of thinking is advised. I practice gratitude pretty much every day. I know how satisfying it feels when we express our thanks for the things we already have. But what if there’s a small thin hairlike difference between feeling grateful and compromising? I’ve been asked many times, ‘If we feel so grateful why are we then not okay with compromising?’ ‘If I have to compromise, how can I feel grateful?’ These questions are important and somewhere necessary to discuss and ask especially in today’s times when positivity has become a necessity. If you go online and search “All or Nothing thinking” you’ll come across articles where this kind of thinking is often shown in a negative way or way that feels ‘wrong’ for lack of a better word. Ideally what this thinking states is that, we live our life based on extreme thinking, kind of like being adamant. More of a ‘downside to any situation’ kind of thinking. Polarized thinking or extreme thinking or all or nothing thinking is known to cause anxiety and feelings of overwhelm in a person. But this is a very generalized way of looking at this kind of thinking in my opinion. Of course, you may not agree but try to keep an open mind with this. I’d grown up believing that compromise is a fact that one needs to accept almost nonchalantly. Being Okay with things should come naturally. I’d been told that compromise is a part of life. It’s uncontrollable and unchangeable. I’d been told that compromising is brave and courageous. I witnessed people make decisions and choices based on this philosophy and even though they seemed okay they never seemed happy or pleased to me. They always seemed defeated and I could see their shoulders droop in exhaustion. I always felt that this was because they fought and now, they’ve reached a stage of compromise, the reason they appear exhausted is from fighting, but truth be told or rather the truth I learned much later is their exhaustion really came from the feeling of losing, from feeling defeated. This reality hit me from my own personal experience and this reality hit me really hard. After years of working with women I’ve realized this that your philosophy should be custom made. It should be framed according to your personality, your goals, your dreams, your values, your boundaries. In my experience, because of having a mindset that is all or nothing – I’ve become ambitious I’ve learnt to say no I’ve worked hard for what I truly want I’ve been able to choose me over all I’ve come out of depression and anxiety I’ve been able to choose Quality over all else I’ve become more confident I’ve taken decisions that may not be easy but effective in the long run I think when it comes to something this ambiguous one shouldn’t doubt their own way of life. This is something I tell all my clients, to try and stay detached from – shoulding, judging, doubting their way of thinking but try and make it work for them in one or more areas of their life. To understand the all or nothing thinking try to understand your – Values that you make for your life Boundaries you draw for yourself The way you communicate with yourself There is a minuscule difference between all or nothing kind of thinking and adamant or stubborn way of thinking, what is ideally called ‘my way or the highway’ Polarized thinking is slightly different than that.

  • In Conversation with Atul Pinheiro

    Coffee is the reason I happened to come across Atul's work and I absolutely almost instantly admired his work. Also he is easily one of the kindest and sweetest people I've come across on IG. I realiz