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Celebrate what you have done

Podcast Episode - 12

I think it’s perfectly normal to keep setting goals and the urge to constantly keep moving is universal. I’m not here to tell you to not have goals and dreams. I’m not even going to tell you to slow down. But I do want to take a minute of your time and tell you, remind you rather, to reward yourself for what you’ve done. This reward could be as simple as getting a good night's rest. I also want to add here that the reward we’re giving to ourselves is not after we accomplish something, it's for making an effort. Quite often we attach rewards after an achievement. I used to think this way as a child and for a long time as an adult too because only after I had accomplished something or achieved something, I was appreciated, acknowledged, and rewarded. I didn’t think the effort was something that required celebration. How can you celebrate effort without reaching its end goal? Effort holds value only if a milestone is achieved. That’s what we have been taught. But the fear of not accomplishing pulls us down. We don’t even try. We’re terrified of disappointing ourselves more than anyone else. We’re afraid that we’ll judge ourselves before anyone else does. And that disappointment is not pleasant. It’s devastating! I don’t remember how I realized that without effort, nothing is possible, so each time you make an effort, you need to celebrate it. But when I did, it made me feel so confident and good about myself. About trying something I was afraid of or uncertain about. It took me a long time and sometimes even today I have to remind myself that I need to appreciate myself for every step that I take. I needed to celebrate failure and setbacks too.

Because the point is about celebrating what I did and not whether I achieved or failed. So, I’m here to remind you that if you are hoping to celebrate, don’t wait for the result, celebrate the effort you put into it. No matter what that may be. Celebrate the effort and start again. Celebrate and start again.

I hope you take some time out to celebrate today. If you do, I'd love to hear all about it. Write to me at

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