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Is it okay to talk about it?

The Pause, Breathe, Dream Podcast Episode - 11

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I often give clients anecdotes from my personal life and initially I felt a bit scared to talk about my experiences and I often wondered how I would seem to them. I always feared their judgement. But so many clients have connected with me and I see them breathing a sigh of relief and they tell me, "oh thank you for sharing, I thought I was the only one."

In this episode I'm sharing about how I look at vulnerability and the importance of being genuinely honest with our self about the way we feel. It's an intense and a very delicate topic. A lot has been said and talked about showing vulnerability and the importance of expressing how we really feel.

How often have you felt like talking about something but pulled yourself back afraid of being judged and ridiculed?

I hope this episode helps you look at this from a different perspective.

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