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Meenal Sanghi

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My name is Meenal. I may introduce myself as an maker / designer who loves to dream, imagine and create with beginner mindset. I enjoy developing experiences in the field of painting, sculptures, home décor, clay modeling and stuff which excites me.

Although I have been imaginative since my early years, it took many years for my creative soul to come out of the shell and fully release my passion for art. I had studied and practiced architecture for many years and hence was very comfortable with pencil, sheets, dimensions and directions etc. Though I enjoyed my profession, the work was often structured and hence I had limited satisfaction. I always wanted to explore beyond that.

After birth of my boy, we moved to States and I consciously took a break to focus on the kid and provide the best level of attention during the growing years. During his late toddler-hood period, my artistic body cells started to rise again. With encouragement of my family members I decided to take a plunge. Even though I had a very hazy view of the path & destination, I always had trust in my capabilities. So I thought to start with my core competencies & hence picked pencil sketching as I kick started the journey. And was surprised to learn that my work was praised by all my peers and they all encouraged me to follow my passion. I began to see art as a viable career choice immensely. That was all the motivation I needed to take my painting seriously. It gave me the chance to create my art career.It took many years to listen to my creative soul and become an artist. In fact I did not started calling myself an artist or sharing my art with the world for quite a long time. I started taking interest in various subjects. I founded that creativity is unlimited. The more I experimented I more I enjoyed. I loved sculpting, sewing, cooking, decorating and learning as I go on.I do not wish to be boxed in my thoughts and hence continuously observe, watch, and discover concepts outside my comfort zone. I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to create next. Sometimes the idea generates while I am working on the current one. Most of the time I start with a quick sketch. Sometimes it will be an object or a scene that has captured my attention. I research a lot about that the subject. If it is clear in my mind I dive right on sketching out the idea to see if I can figure out how to make it work.Making art is the only way to run away without leaving home. The ability to create art every day. That’s a beautiful gift that god has given me. I say to myself this was the world I really wanted to be part of. It’s always beautiful to create art and it’s great to be an artist. This sums up for me. As an artist you are selfless. You don’t always get fame, money, recognition and appreciation. You create things because that makes you happy. So create. Keep doing what you’ve always wanted to do and give up yearning for the attention of other people. So whatever you do, do wholeheartedly. Put your everything. And you will find yourself.

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