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Neha - Tradition meets Trends


I was born and brought up in a family where a woman is either a Professor,Doctor or a Teacher. But I had other plans and dreams.

I found my passion in designing. I was encouraged a lot by my father who has always advised and supported me in my every single decision,no matter what people say.

After gaining a whole lot of knowledge about fabrics,handwork and designing.I started my baby brand Tradition meets trends with the support of my husband and my father.I started with a single design in my hand, which i showed to my friends and family(out of 15 only 3 decided to buy it)

To my surprise the people whom I thought would help me,since they have a huge social circle did not even share my Facebook page.

I was heartbroken and felt bad, but at that point I fully understood that if I want success I need to prove my work to general public. I managed to get good clientele from Facebook, but getting followers on Instagram was a big challenge.

I Remember that even after months on Instagram ,I had only 9 to 10 followers and everyday I would think that I am gonna delete my account. But my husband never allowed me to do this.

I even approached many bloggers and advertising agencies, but the amount of fee they charged was sky high. Then I showed my designs to a fashion blogger(Indianstreetfashion) they agreed to do a post for me and the response I got from the people was amazing.

By God’s grace I came across some celebrities who loved my work and they not only promoted my work on social networking sites but also among their friends and family.

Can’t thank them enough.Today TMT is not only doing good in India but we are getting so much love from Foreign land too.A small brand started by NEHA and TARUN is now getting bigger day by day.We believe-Give best designs,best quality with best rates to your clients because every girl deserves the best.

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