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Nithila – The Madras Trunk


I am Nithila, founder of “The Madras Trunk” – Handcrafted footwear for women.

Q – Was it your dream to become and entrepreneur?

Yes I always wanted to become an entrepreneur. My love for textiles, footwear and designing initiated this whole idea. I always thought designing and directly interacting with people to see them give honest feedback for the things I created, gave me immense joy and satisfaction.

Q – Please tell us about “The Madras Trunk”

The Madras Trunk idea was born when I couldn’t find the right kind of footwear I was looking for. There are very few options available in each style in the market. So I started doing research, did a course on footwear designing and then experimented it with various materials too.

Q – How did you come up with the name?

Always liked the name Madras and the trunk box that my grandma gave is my favorite place to store all my goodies/ much loved things. And that’s how the name came up.

Q – Please tell us about your milestone journey, the hurdles etc?

I would consider that launching the brand in the social media itself was my first milestone.

The journey began with conceptualization of the idea about one and a half years ago. I had many hurdles – right from the initial stages while I was experimenting with various designs and materials to having going through a bad car accident and still recovering from the injuries. And as a woman, my enquires were always considered as a college project by the workers and suppliers and they do not take it seriously.

Q – How is “The Madras Trunk” different from the other brands available ?

The Madras Trunk specializes only in sandals as of now and it gives one a wide variety for every occasion. It also offers new designs every month. And caters to big foot people who don’t find footwear in most brands.

Q – How would you describe your journey with “The Madras Trunk” so far?

The journey so far with The Madras Trunk has been very good. With lot of ups and downs in terms of manufacturing and procuring materials. And lots of love and appreciation from customers.

Q- What was the best and the worst advice you faced when you began your journey?

Best advice – Have a plan and work in a systematic way and results are automatic.

worst advice – I had loads of it but the best thing is to neglect all those and pick the best which suits you.

Q – If someone inspired by your story wanted a piece of advice from you what would you tell them?

Just do what you love to do. Get advice from experts in that field. Don’t do things expecting immediate results. Just work systematically and in a right way. Things will start to just fall in place.

Q - Do you believe in Dreams ?

Yes definitely! And Dream Big! But working towards achieving your dream is more important.

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