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Ramya Balachandran

ramya - hydes

I am Ramya Balachandran, Designer and Owner of Hydes Studio.

MBA-HR from Allinace Business School,Bangalore

Hailing from an entrepreneur family, my heart lies in the same. With a flare for design, love for handbags and a designer by my side-Hari Madhavan, HYDES STUDIO became a reality.

Our designs are minimalistic-Simple, clean and sharp cuts. They reflect traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. With a strong sense of value and design, every Hydes Studio bag is hand-cut and crafted flawlessly with an eye for detail. Every bag is unique as we work on make-to-order concept and no mass-production.

NV – Was it always your dream to become a designer?

RB – NO! But it was always a dream to be an entrepreneur.

NV – Was it an easy decision to start your own brand?

RB – I wouldn’t say it was tough either. As any other girl, my love for handbags and flare for design kickstarted HYDES STUDIO.

NV- What/who inspired you to take up this field?

RB – I have always been a Daddy’s girl. I draw immense inspiration from him with respect to starting from scartch and climbing up the ladder.

NV – On your way to becoming a brand, did you face any hurdles/difficulties? Please tell us about your journey.

RB – LOTS!! Creating a Brand is no joke. Trying to understand the market, fashion and consumer behaviour was very critical. And big move with crafting only genuine Leather bags was a bold step and took an year of hard work to get recognised.

NV- Reaching this point in your career, are you happy?

RB – I dream Big! I am happy with the way we are growing but a lot more to achieve 🙂

NV – Do you believe in dreams? If you were to motivate people to believe in their dreams, what would you like to tell them?

RB – Yes,of course. Believe in yourself and genuinely put the best of efforts to fulfill the dreams. Please don’t be afraid to fall down and don’t lend you ears to criticism . It does take time and lot of hard work to achieve your dreams irrespective of the field, be patient and believe in you!


Teatro Dhora,Jaipur


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