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The Uncommon Box


NV – A brief introduction about you and your work.

TUB – I specialise in Motion Graphics and 3D Animation. I have been actively involved in the field of design for almost 8 years now as part of my work sphere.

NV – What is The Uncommon box about? What inspired you to begin this company?

TUB – The Uncommon Box (TUB) aims to find the Uncommon in people, places and thoughts, and offer them a platform.

The inspiration behind this is my life’s experience. We, usually love to appreciate and share the creative output of celebrities who already have fame and popularity. But we do not show the same kind of enthusiasm for our friends who are trying to establish themselves as artists.

Therefore, I created this community to encourage and support artists of all genres- whether it is painting, sketching, doodling, photography, writing, singing, dancing – you name it- we have our doors open for anyone who wishes to join us. I have endeavoured to build a supportive community of creative people.

Due to pressures of life, whether it is for money or responsibilities of various kinds, many individuals give up on their dreams and passions. They live mundane lives, and allow their talents to go waste. But with a community like TUB, we hope to inspire them to return to their passion, and share it with the world, and receive the warm compliments from the group, which often gives them celebrity status.

This is what keeps us going at The Uncommon Box- every single day! We have no weekends off 🙂

NV – The issues and problems you faced. Your milestone journey.

TUB – Problems are basically situations we have not encountered before. So they will appear as we move on this journey with TUB. But yes, the biggest challenge is the time crunch we face in the team. We are currently walking a tight rope as far as balancing our responsibilities of work, personal lives and our aspirations for TUB, are concerned. We are managing fine though because as far as TUB is concerned, there can be no compromises 🙂

The Uncommon Box is yet to reach the heights I want to see it accomplish in terms of reach and generating content that is different and meaningful. We are constantly striving to create content that will inspire and foster greater creativity and confidence. Currently, TUB has one more member on our team- Preeti Roychoudhury from Kolkata; and we are looking forward to Tasneem Bharmal joining us from Mumbai.

We are seeking to expand our team of volunteers – but one of the main criterion is that people wishing to be a part of this team have to share our fundamental philosophy of promoting the talents of others through TUB. They need to commit their time and effort to help increase output in the productivity of the community.

We are also seeking collaborations as channel partners for events and individuals who seek to promote their products or events through us. We will also be happy to mediate collaborations between our members and our partners in a mutually beneficial set up.

Also frankly speaking, funding is another issue that will soon need addressing. The reality is that so far TUB has been a self-funded dream but to continue with its journey of promoting quality content, it does require funding. This is an aspect under discussion too

NV – How do you feel about your company at this point in life?

TUB – There is definitely a lot to accomplish in the coming years – but we have made a promising start. When individuals express their gratitude to us about having encouraged them to return to their hobbies and talents, we are the happiest. It is like rocket fuel to us! So we continue to build this forum for all to share.

NV – Do you believe in dreams? If you had to motivate people to follow their dreams what would you tell them?

TUB – I am basically a doer- someone who believes in efforts rather than empty hopes and wishes. I believe that dreams are meant to be translated into reality. We should never give up on them and lie to ourselves. If your dreams are urging you to take up that pen, brush or camera, go ahead and do it. Try and be as uncommon as you can with your talent J and leave the rest to us here!

We wish to reach out to as many people as we can, using the powerful tool of social media. We have members from different parts of the world and we are delighted to share their work. The Uncommon Box is no ordinary page or group or Instagram handle- it was born out of a desire to help all artistes and is guided by that principle.

We wish to invite everyone to join our forum and be a part of this growing family 🙂

Instagram : @theuncommonbox

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