• Nikita Vyas

Venturing out of your comfort zone + Journal Prompts

Change is so scary. If you’re someone who cannot deal with changes, I get you. I’ve been there. It’s painful and scary. Talking about comfort zones, it’s all about change. How important it is and how it’s the only constant.

But what if you never knew what you’re afraid to change in your life? You’d never be able to move on in your life.

Venture out of your comfort zone

I’ve always had an issue with moving on. I hold on to things till they really wear out and of course I’m not just talking about clothes and shoes and bags, for me it’s also about my thoughts, my ideas, my relationships, my failures, my loss – yep, it’s morbid and imagine what would happen if I wouldn’t change it at all? What would happen if I continued to live that way? I’m obviously not only not going to make it to where I want to go but also lose all the opportunities that the future has to provide.

I know what you're thinking it must be easy for me to move on and let go right? Not really.

You see, for the longest time I had no idea this pattern of holding on wasn’t working for me. I honestly didn’t know that it clung to me and I needed to get rid of it asap. I got so used to it, the misery that came along with it and the emotions that I had to deal with that I got really good at managing it. Not realizing that I didn’t need to continue with this pattern anymore.

Holding on as a pattern must have started because I moved a lot growing up. I’ve lived in Mumbai (my birthplace), Ahmedabad, Mumbai again, Chennai, Mumbai again and finally Chennai. Sounds fun when you look at it but for me as an introvert to keep up with all the newness in life was pretty hard. I was looking for a ground. But I got used to it and before it knew it, I started running away from everything in life. It was exhausting and I knew I had to learn how to hold on.

Only now, holding on wasn’t working for me anymore.

Nope, I don’t have a problem, although I thought so too but this is something I learnt on the job as a Psychologist and a coach.

Our comfort zones tend to change and redirect when they no longer work for us anymore. It’s not about good and bad. Some habits you tend to leave and let go while some you re-adapt and that’s okay. You figure it out as you take time out to introspect.

I know it’s time to introspect my life when something isn’t working for me. Sometimes it’s a comfortable thought like – “I’m a failure” or “I’m never succeeding”. I get so good at saying it that it’s on a loop all the time and naturally that’s exactly how the events in my life play out. Then there are times I cry, can’t move, can’t figure out what’s wrong, get impulsive and that’s when I know it’s time to change.

Everybody has a different experience. Depending on their situation. But everyone goes thorough it multiple times in their lives. It’s natural.

It’s easy for me to get hold of it and think about these things as I tend to journal a lot. It’s my way of therapy and works really well for me.

So, when I’m journaling I ask myself these questions.

  1. What are your comfort zones that prevent you from succeeding?

  2. What scares you when it comes to exploring out of your comfort zone?

  3. What are the next actionable steps you need to take to explore further?